Episode 0: An Old Friend

“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”

The Master lowered his weapon and looked into Ben’s faded blue eyes. It had been necessary to return to the swamps and enter the tree cave. Many times he had waited without while others fled or fought.

He sagged. “I know not.”




48 thoughts on “Episode 0: An Old Friend

  1. Many a times we find ourselves in the same situation,not really able to put a finger on the exact reason of our emotions,our battles and so much more-sigh!Good one!


  2. but if you come here after everyone else has like me…you get the reference. 😉

    although even without it, it’s a compelling piece. “I know not” is poetic and phrased to make you think about it’s structure.

    in any case, do any of us really know (at the end of our longest and bloodiest battles) what we are fighting for? By then it’s simply a matter of survival and tenacity.

    a good write, a very good write.


    • “but if you come here after everyone else has like me…you get the reference.”

      HAHAHAHA! Good point. Oh, I r silly sometimes. I’d make a blushing emoticon, but I don’t remember how.

      Anyway, I am glad you liked it. I think sometimes it can seem so clear why you’re fighting, when passions are high and adrenalin is pumping. But then, when your energy is spent, you step back and things are no longer cut and dried for you.


      • I agree. In the thick of things the answers seems so clear and evident..it’s reminiscent of “be careful what you wish for…”

        the wishes come true are not always a dream. 😉


  3. Ha! I got the reference from the title. But that’s the kind of geek I am. 🙂 Clever little piece. I like how one little phrase (“He sagged.”) conveys a whole host of emotions, making the story feel much larger. Great job, and thanks for linking up!


  4. I like that you begin with the Master lowering his weapon, which to me feels like kind of a sagging gesture, and complete the piece with him more explicitly sagging physically and word-ily (I’m sure there’s a real word for that, but I’m tired. Oh. Verbally. Duh.) I get a real sense of defeat from him. Nicely done!


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