Fuck you, copy cat. Whoa-a-oh-a-oh-whoa-oh!


Have you ever had someone in your life who seems to copy you? I mean, for instance, let’s say you have a weird sort of “malady”, like recurring sleep paralysis, and you tell them about it because, hey, that’s some freaky shit right there, and, lo and behold!, they have it, too? Or maybe your medications affect you in such a way that sometimes you forget if you asked a question or not, so you have to go around feeling like an idiot saying things like, “I’m sorry, did I ask you about XYZ?” And you know this person also has memory issues, but they never affected him quite like that and now, all of a sudden they do, and he starts asking you questions like, “Did I ask you about XYZ?”

Seriously. Sometimes I want to punch my husband IN THE FACE.

P.S. – On a side note, I now have it in my head that I want to make a bunch of photocopies of a picture of a cat and hang them around town with the message: “Have you seen me? I am the Copy Cat.”

There must be a name for whatever is wrong with me…


18 thoughts on “Fuck you, copy cat. Whoa-a-oh-a-oh-whoa-oh!

  1. How is it that you are talking to my sister-in-law? Everything that happens to one person, she has ten times worse.


    • Damn, is her name Kaci? Mine is like that, too. I swear to jezus, one of these days she’s going to wind up with prostate cancer because one of the guys in the family will have it.


      • You know, I have a sister like this, too, and then the husband starts and I think, “What the hell is wrong with ME?” Why do I keep attracting these people. and I am in such need for validation that I’m drawn to them.

        Oy. I don’t need this shit, yo.


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