Low battery

Today I am nothing but an empty skin.

I have been, if not working around the clock, then close enough to it that it makes little difference. I tried to get things done yesterday, but I found that my efforts were scattered; I lack focus. I worked and worked and worked, but I would be hard pressed to explain what I actually accomplished. So today I am giving myself some time and space.

I wish I could just stick my finger in a socket and recharge.


low batery

40 thoughts on “Low battery

    • HA! Sorry about that, Rachael. I really *should* have known better! XD

      As for sleep… I know. I do! And you are right: it is my own fault. There’s always just *one more thing* I have to do before I go to bed. Next thing I know it’s one or two in the morning. Then I get up to get Morrigan on her way to school, and that’s it! I’m up! I have tried going back to bed, but it doesn’t work. Too many wheels spinning in my noggin all the time.

      You will be happy to hear, though, that I have decided to take a little time out for planning ahead. (Can you imagine?) It’s past time to get myself organized so that I will have time for luxuries–like sleep! ❀


      • Oh I so look forward to the planned and organised you! But I have a feeling that it
        Will end up another form of your unique kind of chaos.
        Which is precisely what makes your art and writing truly original.
        I have never had much time for art especially modern / surrealist as it always seemed contrived and playing to the establishment. But your work is truly special, it’s not weird for weird sake. (At least not to me) I can see the thought process if not the thoughts that go into each picture, the care to create the complete image, which is shown by the fact that they work in different mediums without losing any of the original effect. They look just as good on a t-shirt as they do as a standalone image.
        Anyway, after that completely unsolicited critique by a completely under qualified critic. What I could have said is don’t get too organised, the chaos is good and the art is real.
        But you do still need to sleep. (Physician heal thy self)

        Rachael xx

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  1. I was hoping Pam would make it here eventually. πŸ™‚

    I’d advise against sticking your finger in a wall socket though. One tends to get ouchies of the I-am-now-dead variety when one does something like that. We need you around to brighten up our days! (Just not that way.) πŸ˜›

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