Once upon a time
(must’ve been ’round ’99)
a friend sent unto me
a game that could be played online, for free!

One team in red,
one team in green
evenly matched: three on three
battling in snow, oh so merrily!

First round’s a cinch.
But, hey! What’s this?
They add to their numbers
while your team blunders
on and on through thick-fallen snow.
You can’t just stop.
How far can you go?

Eventually you must meet your fate,
and though never winning, you think it’s great
and send it on to other friends.
But soon or late
this fades away as often tends
to happen to fads and other trends
until the day
(quite accidentally)
whilst googling “fort”
you hear that giggle and that snort…

and you smile.