On My Daughter’s Wedding Day (4)

Read the whole series. Just do, and be thankful for life and love and poets. ❤

No Talent For Certainty

Sometimes I write about actual events and people I know; sometimes I write fiction. The poems in this series are about actual family events.

(Part I)

(Part II)

(Part III)

True Story 4

Part IV – A Toast

Hold fast, no matter what else you may do
To what you know is right, and to each other:
And may this day bestow new lives to you,
The lives of husband, wife – (father or mother?)

Let mutual respect provide the floor
Let love be walls your true hopes to contain;
Let openness between you be a door
Let kindness be a roof to block the rain

May love be patient, as it always should
Do not compete – you are on the same team –
Do each no harm, and where you can, do good:
Together, help to reach what each can dream.

Never forget the vows you made this day.
Always recall…

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