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Out of the frying pan

3 thoughts on “Out of the frying pan

    • Yes, they are. I thought they might not be, but it all turned out to be a combination of exceedingly bad luck and exceedingly bad timing (hence the *Three’s Company* post). I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow when I get home from work tomorrow. I miss our emails! I take complete responsibility for lack of communication with you and some other folks, too. Life is beginning to fall back into a somewhat reliable routine, though, so I think it’ll be much easier to stay in touch. YAY!

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      • I would love that, J.! I have a dedicated email for the blog now, but rather than hijack your thread with it, you can find it over there under the word “Contact”. (Yup, I thought o’ that all by m’self! I’m clever, I am!) 😛


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