If You’re an Atheist, Where Do You Get Your Morals From?

Most people who know me personally don’t know I’m an atheist (unless they find and read my blog). As a result, I don’t usually get asked this question. I do find, however, that whenever I practice altruism, people automatically assume I must be Christian, and I admit that I find it irksome. This post by Godless Cranium is a nice summation of how it is possible to be “good without God”.

Godless Cranium

ethicsI often get asked where I get my morals from, just because I don’t believe in a certain god or gods. I always find the question strange, since I tend to think we all (for the most part) ‘get’ our morals from the same place, using much the same method.

Culture For The Win?

In some respects, I think we get some of our morals and biases from our respective cultures. It’s why different cultures vary in what they find ‘moral’ behavior.

For example, I find cutting off a thief’s hand or executing people as part of our criminal justice system unethical, yet I can cross the border into the U.S and find the death penalty or I can hop on a plane and visit a country that thinks chopping off a thief’s hand is perfectly acceptable behavior. In some cultures, human sacrifices were given to the gods, and it…

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