They fly so quickly away


The greatest joy I have found in this life of mine
is bringing forth and nurturing that life which is thine.
I swaddled you and cradled you and sang to you my song,
knowing that the day would come when you were grown and gone.


5 thoughts on “They fly so quickly away

  1. They’re so cute. Nice poem as well.

    I treasure the time I had with my little ones, but (and I’m going to sound like a jerk here) I’m usually glad they’ve moved out. I really like having the freedom to do what I want. I think I’m just done with that whole phase.


    • I don’t think you sound like a jerk. I can understand being ready to enjoy the phase after the kids are off on their own. For me, though, I’m just now starting to feel my son’s growing independence, and it makes me a bit wistful and nostalgic. I still have at least a dozen years to enjoy Morrigan’s childhood. By the time she goes off to college I imagine I’ll be in the same place you are now. Of course, by then I’ll be in my mid-fifties!


    • Thanks, Mark! I haven’t had much opportunity to do anything creative lately. Making a new header was a nice way to get back in the groove. 🙂

      Also, that picture is probably about three years old now. I’ll post my son’s latest school picture soon. Seeing him all grown up and (holy what?) *manly* really brought home the fact that there’s only one year before he’s off to college.


      • The header is way cool. Keep that creative side going, you know?! Fool somebody on the Internet with old YouTube clips and faux stories once in a while, for instance. 🙂

        One year from college. Wow. Fast, fast, fast. My Elisabeth turns 25 in April. Cripers.


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