Wait… You’re a day EARLY? No faragin way…

I no longer need to connect to the internet through my phone. The internet guy (No, I do not have cable. Cable is not allowed in my house. I mean, I could have cable if I wanted. I do not want it. Nope. Nope. Nope.) came a whole day early! Holy crap!

What’s most surprising about this is that I get my internet through Connect2Compete. (Read: My high-speed internet connection is super cheap.) I truly expected to be treated like a “low-priority” customer. (Which, if I was, I would totally understand.) So… yeah! Very happy right about now. 😀


14 thoughts on “Wait… You’re a day EARLY? No faragin way…

  1. Wow!!! I’m impressed you have internet companies that work on a Saturday.
    That wouldn’t happen here, you’re lucky if you can get it installed in month.
    Full on with the awsome artwork now, or still tons of other hecticness to catch up on?
    Glad your back 🙂
    Hugs ❤

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    • I definitely still have some catching up to do. My messed up ankle hasn’t been helping on that front at all. It’s better than it was, but I have a doctor appointment coming up, and I think it will be prudent to have them take a look at it. Really, I should have done it last week!

      The good news on the artwork front is that being in a new environment means I have all sorts of new inspiration with which to work. I plan on having everything set up by end of next week Then it’s full-steam ahead!

      It’s good to be back, Rachael, and so, so good to see you. 🙂 ❤


      • I saw something about your ankle but I’m still trying to catch up and my reader is still moving my posts around, not to mention adding more. (there’s not enough hours in a day)
        Looking forward to more awsomeness coming.



    • Trent! Everything is up, yo. Going to Dallas in a couple of weeks for training, new job starts the following Monday, and we are in our new place. I’m using the time now to get everything put away. Then it’ll be on with the artwork and back to the book.

      What up with you? It’s good to see you!


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