Er, about those pictures…

Oy. I injured myself Friday. I was on the truck, doing the Tetris thing on the furniture, when a table started to fall. I stupidly, unthinkingly, stuck my foot out to catch it. After the string of expletives died away I knew I had done f***ed up.

The swelling in my ankle is mostly gone, but it still hurts a bit. I’ve been staying off it as much as possible, keeping it raised, and trying to put ice on it whenever I remember to do so. What I have NOT been doing is putting our things away. We are living in the aftermath of the moving tornado, folks. So… yeah. No photos yet.

Morrigan’s room is almost done. The living room could be done very soon. The kitchen? Don’t even talk to me about the kitchen yet. That goes double for my bedroom. It’s a damn good thing I have a bit of time before I start work!

I think I’ll post pics as rooms become ready. Yeah. That’ll work. Right?


23 thoughts on “Er, about those pictures…

  1. Gotta love reflexes… not! Can’t tell you how many stupid injuries I’ve gotten by acting without thinking. (Ever grab a hot pan with a bare hand to keep it from slipping off the stove… I have! Ouch 😦 ) Hope you get all settled in soon.


  2. Unfortunately it’s instinct to try to catch stuff. On the plus side, you have great reflexes! Hope it feels better soon.
    It took me weeks to put the bed back together when I moved house (I slept on the sofa) so you’re doing better than I did 🙂


    • I’m determined to get my bed off the floor by Friday at the latest. What a pain in the patootie! I wouldn’t mind so much, but the frame is propped up against the wall, and I’m afraid I might have to “catch” it, too.

      My living room is actually livable now, and things are slowly migrating to their appointed places. I made my poor husband help me move the fish tank because I didn’t like where we’d put it the first time. Honestly, I don’t know why that man puts up with me sometimes…

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  3. You done did your ankle in, girl! Yeah, I’d probably feel embarrassed too. Still, these things happen to the best of us, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always pretend that it was a mere demonstration of what not to do when one is moving. I mean, someone was bound to be watching, right? And taking notes? 🙂


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