Bookses? I don’t need no stinking bookses.

I have been scrolling, scrolling, scrolling (Rawhide!) so that I can begin catching up with all of you lovely bloggy-type people, and, yes, by that I mean that I have been scrolling almost non-stop since my last post. Mind you, I don’t have any real internet set up just yet. I am connected through my phone, and it is painfully slow. Nonetheless, there is a whole lot of scrolling going on. So I have decided that, for now, I will begin my catching up with this post by Arthur Browne.

Wait… what? YOU DON’T KNOW ART? Stop whatever you are doing and visit him. He needs love! He needs validation! He needs you to comment on this post and to enter his art contest! And, really, what good is it to be alive if we aren’t there for one another?


7 thoughts on “Bookses? I don’t need no stinking bookses.

  1. Love the Rawhide gag, (So wish I had thought of that :-))
    I too am having to scroll back over a month from my abscence, although sometimes I start from the last Like sometimes from the top and then sometimes randomly.
    Anyhoo, I’m so glad that youre back,that things are starting to look up.
    I will now make it a point to catch up with you first 🙂
    X ❤ X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, I understand. I’ve been in the same place, actually I keep telling myself that as things become “normalized” (my turn for nervous, self deprecating laughter) I’ll get back to the book and start making creative-tye stuff again.

      BTW, I’m loving your new gravatar! ❤


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