Hurry up and wait.

The new position for which I was selected involves creating a new outreach program for a specific at-risk population at a local community college. Because the position is fairly autonomous, it pays differently from other AmeriCorps positions. I was not able to get the details, however, because the contact for that position is out of town. He’ll be back Monday.

A friend of mine was also selected for a position at the same location. She’ll be working with a different at-risk population. We both feel that there will be a lot of cross-over, and we plan on working together and sharing resources as much as possible. We’re both very excited. We’ve been able to glean that AmeriCorps may be sending us both to Austin for orientation and training in November. Either that or the training is out of Austin. It isn’t clear.

Because the orientation is not scheduled until November, the position likely won’t start until after that.

Because I am not able to get accurate information regarding my upcoming employment, I cannot submit complete information for my housing application.

I called the community I’m trying to get into to discuss the situation and find out if there are any measures I can take to improve my chances. The person I need to speak with is not available until tomorrow.

I feel like I’ve wasted a whole day chasing shadows.


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