Early bird

There is a hummingbird flying so close to me that I can hear the sound of its wings beating.


14 thoughts on “Early bird

    • I could play “My Silent Tea Break”. (I’m so glad I get that now!)

      Yes, I am here. I ended up flaring again, and it really knocked me on my rear. Right now I’m trying hard to catch up with everyone, but the people I follow are prolific, and it’s taking some time.

      If I have to disappear I will let everyone know. I will say this, though: I’m about to dd a Donate button to my page. I hate it, but I have to. Selling three t-shirts was uplifting, but only for my spirits, if you see what I mean.

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  1. We have a couple hummingbirds that will stop to rest on the trellises in our garden after they’ve feasted on the liquid treat the Queen makes for them. Occasionally while out in the backyard they will hover just out of reach, chirping at us, … I can never decide if they are saying “thank you,” or, “if you make any sudden moves I’ll be going for your eyes.”

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