Good morning, gators.

I need to get my daughter ready for school, but I wanted to make a quick announcement.

I’ve been in a bit of a conundrum: I want to tell folks about my shops, but I also don’t want to turn my personal blog into a constant sales pitch. Yuck. So I decided to make a blog specifically for the shops. I haven’t added a link here yet, but you can find it at Fluff and Bunkum Shops. There you’ll find sales info, coupon codes, and other announcements.

Thank you for letting me hijack a few moments of your time. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.


16 thoughts on “Good morning, gators.

  1. I honestly don’t think it would hurt if you included a link to your shop in the menu or something. I applaud your desire to not want to monetise your creative efforts here, but I don’t think you can be at all faulted for attempting to make some cash on the side either. That’s my take anyway. 🙂


  2. It’s quite common to add a link to your shop from what I’ve seen. As you suggest, a link to your other blog would be fine, as long as people can ultimately find your shop!
    I was going to take another look at your shop yesterday, but couldn’t find it until you were mentioned on another blog which had a link to your shop!

    After all, the people I follow who have published or self-published books will definitely have links to the purchase pages. I would. People will see your art on your blog and wonder if/where they can buy it.

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    • Thanks! I think I’ll change the theme on this blog (I know. Again? Yeah…) to match the Shops blog. I like having the sidebar hidden, but it may be less than helpful at this point if I want people to find my work.

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  3. Plug and link away, and then tell me how I can put permalinks on my blog to direct the unsuspecting to your shops and blogs 🙂 xx


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