Tom was telling me about his latest crazy dream. He has a lot of those. The only part with which we are concerned is this:

“…and then all of a sudden the whole scene shifted, and there were National Guardsmen everywhere telling us there was a zombie horde being funneled right through the area we were in. They were trying to divert them from the President’s motorcade. There was one guy going around telling people, ‘You might want to get behind something.'”

“That’s great advice. It’s right up there with, ‘In the event of  nuclear holocaust, get under your desk and cover your head with your hands.'”

“It was worse: there was only one step.”

That man slays me.


7 thoughts on “Tom-isms

  1. Interesting. Josh is still mostly asleep and just muttered something about “I used to work there and then they gave me this box.” Which is funny because the last place he worked sold cheap novelty import crap and several times a year they gave everyone a box of “seasonal” leftover shit.

    Sorry, that had nothing to do with zombies, but men’s brains apparently do weird shit when they sleep.

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  2. Oh, they certainly do, Mental Mama. They certainly do. My brain conjures up dreams where crushing disappointment tends to be the main theme. If only I could have wild ones like Tom’s!


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