Don’t Make Me Angry, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry……………..

Thank the FSM some of us still question what we read on the internet.

TG Or Not TG? That Is The Question

Disclaimer. This  Is A Rant. Not A Comment On The Middle East.

David Attenborough

This kind of shit really gets my back. This post is circulating on Facebook.

Now I’ve never been one to accept the news written or broadcast at face value, after all its about ratings and entertainment and very rarely about reality.

So when I see this I think “hey up! Somethings amiss here.”

Lets look at this logically, lets read the words. Sir David Attenborough is a Scientist Naturalist. He is incredibly well educated.

The first line “I am Unaware..” etc The grammar is bloody awful. Should the last bit be be “as THE Israelis

If it was me and I was educated proper, I would write

I am unaware of any animals (Plural) that are as cruel as Israelis.


I am unaware of any animal that is as cruel as the Israelis

Grammars not my strong…

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Lay it on me.

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