From me to you.


And this is the second.

39 thoughts on “And this is the second.

  1. Oh, no! I really hope you either find the money or somewhere to live, somewhere good!
    I’ll certainly be thinking of you.
    Would you like to share your Ms Monsterful piccie on strata of the self? I’ll credit you, link to this blog, your shop (7 designs are better than no designs, I say) and any other of your sites that you would like included.
    Hang in there, Jennifer. x o x


  2. Ok…first off, you’re adorable! Secondly, all hail survivor hood!
    Thirdly, make me a t-shirt Biotch!
    Fourthly, we will all be here when you return;
    Fifthly, be strong and know that you are loved.


    • First off… aw, shucks. πŸ™‚
      Secondly… All Hail Eris!
      Thirdly… I ain’t got no email Biotch!
      Fourthly… I’m counting on it.
      Fifthly… But of course. How could you not love me? πŸ˜‰
      Sixthly (oh, this is getting ridiculous, yo.) You are loved in return. Very much so.

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          • Yup. They are a competitor. I love beating them. I know a bunch of people there, actually.

            Anyway, evil dehumanizing corporate machines deserve nothing more than a swift kick to the collective metal behinds. I say good riddance to these jokers, G.

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          • Did I say truer words were never spoken? It was true 5 minutes ago, and it’s true now.

            Not for anything, but I had a *feeling* you were in the field. Don’t ask me why. I thought maybe you were a PM.


          • Yup, in the field. And yes, a PM. I’m a principal, so it’s actually even worse. I try to do right by my people though, in this industry the only real thing you are selling is what is between your ears, so you have to treat people right in my opinion.

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          • Gotcha. And if you are in that other company you mentioned, then Stantec is your direct competitor in all your sectors.

            There were good people there. There were people like you who tried to do things right. There was one guy in particular, from Canada, a Principal in the Wastewater sector who was brilliant, one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known, and he was like you. Then there were the jackasses and… well, again, I don’t want to speak too freely here.


          • No, I don’t work for SNC, I wouldn’t work for them. I wonder if that principal is someone I know, the one I know is younger and works very very hard. Anyway, work sucks. And I hope you bounce back G – in fact, I know you will. I just know that.


          • Look dude, sounds like you trudged through the slog to get up high, there is no reason at all why those skills wouldn’t translate to another firm. I know the work sucks… boy do I know it. But you are marketable. You got skills.


          • I do, actually. And I have a hell of a work ethic. BUT I have no transport and (this is the real problem) no degree. It’s no lie when I tell you that people here with a degree are lucky to get the same job I did (and OY! the work sucks. No truer words were ever spoken) I was doing for slightly more than half the pay. Instead I tried to start a cleaning business, but… no bites yet. And I do my art, but let’s face it: my stuff is about as “outsider” art as it gets.

            I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being a defeatist…


  3. Whoa, shit! No really, shit! Disappearing maybe? Don’t make me come over there and find you. Your mind seems perfectly sound to me, and my sanity depends on yours. Seven designs? You missed the word awesome from that statement. They are the most original Tee’s I’ve seen in a very long time,and as soon as is humanly possible I will unleash those designs on an unsuspecting British population adorning my sasquatchian sized body. (I’m going for 7 feet in heels)
    So just remember, you are loved, you are adored and you are truly awesome.
    Now will you get some sleep?
    ❀ πŸ™‚ ❀
    Rachael XX
    Hugs, (Girly crying thing gonna happen)

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    • You honor me with your words. You truly do. There are a few things I need to wrap up in case I have to go: 1) I need to find you a sizing chart, because nothing would please me more than for your heavenly body to be adorned in one of my shirts. (and shut up. If I want to call you heavenly, then I will, damn it.) 2) I want to post all the good info on Canvas of the Minds for you and JamiLouise. 3) I need to read more of Art’s older posts over at 4) Make my overdue comments on Tony’s awesome comics at 5) Post a few vids of Tom’s music for Lance before he moves on to his final destination.

      We still have a little time, my dear. And who knows? Maybe I’ll somehow manage to pull this off. Of course, then there’s next month, but right now I can only live day to day. I guess that, ultimately, that’s all we can really do anyway.

      I love you, Rachael. You are fantastic. ❀


  4. Feeling so sad right now, but you seem to be genuinely mindful in that video message… and I’m glad you made it. It was very cool to meet you “properly” in that video, and I can say that I would definitely love to have you guys as neighbours! All I can do is uselessly cross my fingers for you down here in Oz. Frankly, it’s not enough. I do hope you won’t have to go anywhere, and if you do, that you’ll be back sooner rather than later. (Just don’t disappear for good. I mean it.) Hey, tell Tom that I think he’s awesome too. He’ll probably go, “Who?” πŸ™‚


    • I’ve told him all about you. I’m going to get him blogging yet. (Well, eventually, anyway.) Just watch. You’ll have yourself a new follower in no time. And don’t worry. I won’t disappear. I recently accused another blogger of not being able to stay away too long because he loves writing, and he loves all the people here.

      Takes one to know one. ❀

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  5. I hope you find somewhere to live (maybe “have found” since it’s now Sunday).
    It was so great to see and hear you “in person” in your cool little video.

    Good luck and whether you disappear for a while or not, we’ll be here waiting for you.


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