Just… oy

I’ve been working on my shops for two days straight with very little sleep. One of them is almost half done. It is live, so there’s that. So far, all of the designs are my own, and you’ve all probably seen them before. I’m going to add additional items and some new designs, but the going is slow.

The main trouble I have right now is knowing whether or not I’ve got the pricing correct. There’s the base price for the product itself plus printing and shipping, etc., then there’s my “design commission”. I want the merchandise to be reasonably priced, but I want to make *something* for all the work I put in.

If anyone has a chance, please take a look at the Fluff and Bunkum Spreadshirt Shop. Let me know what you think of the designs and the prices. Any and all suggestions/critiques are welcome. I promise not to cry. πŸ˜‰

(And Yes. I did actually put my own face on a fucking t-shirt. *sigh*)

In related news…

Tom had a couple of suggestions for me:

  • Custom “word-of-the-day” shirts for rappers called Word Up
  • Custom word-of-the-day shirts for their mothers called Word to Your Mother

And my own idea:

  • Custom distressed underwear called Underworn

Exit Stage Left

18 thoughts on “Just… oy

  1. Designs, as always speak for themselves (IMO(I hate this lettery way of writing) Genius) Prices Tees spot on Hoodies I’d maybe go 50$ (I’ve paid more in the past for inferior designs (I was young once with more money than sense or was that more aicohol than sense?) International Shipping prices are great, I just need to figure out what a 46D is in your sizing range (I’m not a small girl) and which design I want first.
    Woot Woot πŸ™‚ xx

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    • You rock my socks off. You know this, right? ❀

      I'll see if I can find a conversion chart for you for sizes. There's gotta be one somewhere. Also, if you would like something special, please let me know. I'm going to add other things like phone cases and such. There will also be two other stores so I can (hopefully) take advantage of other merch, AND I need to come up with some new designs. Please don't hesitate to ask for *anything*. I will happily send you some designs for your approval. πŸ™‚


  2. The Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt with “Oy” on it is awesome, and I think the ones with your face on them work best if the top is in black or white. And the Madonna design is just downright kooky! (This is good!) That design seems to work best on a black top too. (Still, you’re right to give people a choice from a range of colours.) πŸ™‚

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  3. My favorite is the ‘let me sleep’ shirt. Made me laugh. The internet and Netflix have been the cause of many sleepless nights for me.

    I’m no expert on these things so no suggestions from me, other than to keep at it if it’s something you enjoy doing.

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    • Thanks, GC. It actually is fun. Somewhere around 3 AM I started getting a little kookier than normal. I’ve *stupidly* been trying to put my designs out there while trying to keep a certain distance. If I’ve since decided that if I’m going to do this, then my shop is going to be as much a reflection of me as this blog is.

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