What Atheism Isn’t

This is a nice, straightforward explanation for anyone wondering, so I thought I would share.


Where to start, but the beginning.  As Richard Dawkins has said, we are all born atheists.  Most people of religion will say this is untrue.  Their belief that we were born with God’s breath or spark within us leads them to believe that we are born to religion.  But if you were to take a baby and raise it without any knowledge of any religion, that religion won’t just spark into existence.  Someone has to put it there.  Sure, some will say that this knowledge can come to them through revelation.  If that were true, why would we teach people?  If divine revelation were so powerful, why not let everyone learn religion through revelation rather than starting to teach children from the time they begin speaking about the religion that the parents believe?


So we’re born atheists.  What does that mean?  What IS an atheist.  Well, that question is…

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