Bless me, Raimi, for I have sinned.

I clearly misidentified the origin of this image, if not the name:

The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

Ash looking at (and listening to) the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Groovy.

I told Trent that I was pretty certain it was from the third movie in the Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness. Alas! I was wrong (it does happen from time to time). Trent was right: It’s actually from the second movie, Dead by Dawn.

I hate to link to Turner Movie Classics, but it was the only clip I could find.

Mea culpa. I officially hang my head in shame.

As penance for this gross oversight I will tell you a couple of stories and hope like hell I’m not repeating myself.

Some of you know that we are I am a notorious prankster at home. Well, one night Tom and I managed to have the house to ourselves. I’m not sure how this happened. Naturally we used this rare occasion to enjoy a romantic dinner and DVDs. We had ourselves a private Evil Dead marathon.

Isn't It Romantic?

Isn’t It Romantic? Me as Lizzy Borden and Tom as… I have no idea, but it was gross.


So, there we were, all snuggled up on the couch like a couple of teenagers. My husband went to make a kitchen run for us, and as he got up to go I said in my sweetest voice, “Aren’t you going to kiss me first?” He turned and leaned down to oblige, and just as he was an inch from my face I screeched, “DEAD BY DAWN!”

The poor man was so startled. He jerked back to a standing position and pulled his fist back, ready to defend himself from the undead spouse of a hapless archeologist. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Occasionally I would enlist my son in the service of pranking Tom. It was an early morning back before Morrigan was born when I took my son aside and told him, “Here. Take this.” I handed him a broom with a Frankenstein mask attached. “Take it outside and lean it against my bedroom window, Ok?” The boy snickered and obliged. He loved being in on the game.

Whoa. That IS creepy.

Whoa. That IS creepy.


I quietly crept back to the darkened room where my husband still lay asleep and crawled back under the cover. I saw the shadow of the “monster” appear in the window and waited until I heard Henry close the back door. I shook Tom and whispered urgently, “Tom. Tom! Wake up! There’s someone trying to look in our window!” He jumped up, grabbed a baseball bat and headed toward the back door. He came in holding the broom, laughing.

“Damn!” he managed to get out. “You got me.”

That man could teach stones patience, I tell you.

Yes, even this one.

Yes, even this one.



13 thoughts on “Bless me, Raimi, for I have sinned.

  1. I love a good prank. Thanks for clearing things up, G, I was pretty sure it was number 2… but I gotta say, Army of Darkness is still my favorite in the trilogy. Just so dang wacky.


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