Costume Considerations

Is there anyone out there that can help this awesome dog out? Sadly, costumes are not my forte. (But OMFSM how awesome would it be if they were?)

*Note to said dog: Your fan club is bigger than you think.


There’s one month until the Great North Run and things are coming together. Not necessarily the most useful things, but still.. I have a fan club, I have a cool running ID (18881), and I no longer collapse when I run more than a few metres… There is, however, one small thing that is starting to loom a bit large… In other words, it’s time to talk costumes…


To run the Great North Run in the world’s most awesome black dog suit. It will be visible and recognisable from afar, look similar to my avatar, and when I run past, people will point and say things like, ‘wow‘ and ‘who is that masked dog?‘. Oh, and they’ll also empty their pockets for Mind and stigma will crumble in my wake!

The dream! (Image from a lovely story about a dog who saved a boy from drowning)

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Lay it on me.

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