Writer’s Block

I am what I like to call a “by the seat of my pants” blogger, and by that I don’t mean that I sit in my chair long enough to wear out the seat of my pants. I mean to say that I do not plan my posts–or any other writing. (That is, with the possible exception of the EPIC re-telling of the Irish mythological history that is currently back-burned, and even that started without any plan or purpose.) My “process” is pretty much as follows:

  1. Go about doing whatever the hell it is I do on a daily basis.
  2. Random thought pops into mind, kid does something adorable, or husband irritates me–WHATEVER.
  3. I decide that I absolutely must blog that shit, yo.
  4. Go to computer and vomit pixels shaped like words into the world.

Seriously. That’s it. It takes me longer to find an image to go with a post and choose appropriate categories and tags than to write it. (Hence, why so many of my posts remain imageless.)


What is this “writer’s block” of which you speak?

Oh, I may have the occasional ten minute interlude wherein I sit before the screen thinking, “I want to write something, but WHAT?” Then I start writing about how I’m having a hard time writing, and 15 minutes later I’ve got a 1,000+ word post. I don’t think that’s what people mean when they talk about “writer’s block”. And before you get all jealous, let me just ask you one thing:

Do you really want so many thoughts chasing each other around the inside of your head, all clamoring to be heard at once, that you end up having full-length conversations with yourself at the bus stop?

I didn’t think so.


25 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. That’s why I stopped going to bus stops. The other passengers weren’t comfortable having me around anymore… Their loss as far as I’m concerned. My conversations were brilliant.


  2. I have so many thoughts crowding my head that I wonder if I’m ever going to sort through them all. Probably not. I wish my writing process was as uncomplicated. I think that’s why I’m liking what I see here so far!


  3. That’s pretty much the same as me. I have problems thinking of a Friday Fictioneers story sometimes, but I wouldn’t call it writer’s block. I don’t think you can have writer’s block with a 100 word story!

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