I know. I know! I should just shut up already!

But I can’t help myself. It was the girl’s first day back at school, and I’ve been downright *giddy* in spite of my fatigue. And then earlier I used the word “feud”. I started thinking: Shouldn’t it be F-U-E-D?

No, no. That wouldn’t sound like fyood. It would sound like fooed, as in:

The men fued.


But then if you tried to conjugate the verb it would sound like:

The men had fued.


And of course that lead to this:

Would you care for a sandwich?


And I’ve been guffawing over it ever since.


37 thoughts on “I know. I know! I should just shut up already!

  1. How dare you make fun of our feuding… hey… you’re right… that is a fun word… fued… feud… did Freud ever feud? Should we have sangfroid about our feuds? Is it rude to feud? But if it was good enough for the Hatfields and the McCoys…


  2. I agree. EU UE EIEIO. Back in the day people made a stink about the way a certain president pronounced nuclear and then I could never spell it anymore, always putting in those two letters in questions and wondering what order the belonged in Ms. M. Pre-spell check days were something, you know?!


    • I do. We had pre-automatic credit card swipe days and pre-CD days (hell, pre-casette tape days, huh?). Not to mention pre-remote control days.

      This may be unrelated, but here’s what makes me crazy:

      Say I go to the store and my bill is $10.83. All I have is a $20 and some singles (because I am old enough to still carry cash from time to time). I give the cashier $21, and instead of giving me a ten dollar bil plus 17 cents change, they try to give me back the single, like I made a mistake.


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