Do you think Greenland would visit if I told them my great grandparents were from Denmark?

So, as most of you are no doubt aware, Art really, really wants a Greenland visitor to his blog. Being the awesome, computer-literate friend that I am, I decided to make it my mission to make this happen. (And, yes, my paternal great grandparents really did leave Copenhagen for New Jersey. I can’t explain it, either.)

Flagcounter is a site from which you can get a free flag counter for your blog. I opted for a full map version (check my sidebar), but there are multiple sizes/formats available to suit your needs. In addition, they maintain a forum. You can go to the forum and ask people to visit your site in exchange for visiting theirs. How awesome is that?

I went to the forum and begged for a Greenland flag on behalf of my somewhat technically challenged friend. And though we haven’t actually collected Greenland yet, the following folks from other beautiful countries were kind enough to visit. I would really appreciate it if, when you have a little time, you might click these links, too. Aside from the fact that I think it would be a nice “extra” thank you to give these folks a bump in their stats (and a few extra flags!), it’s also neat to see what folks in non-English speaking parts of the world are blogging about.

Without further ado:

Gra Muzyka   (Poland)
Mi Blog MetaliKO   (Spain) user atchung-fox, aka Miguel   (Spain)
Civitas Bernensis   (Poland)
Flaggensammlung weltweit   (Germany) user wlodio   (Poland)
Splendeurs du ciel profond   (France)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: you can also make multiple flag counters. I added a couple to my front page, including one that shows how many visitors I’ve gotten from each of the other US states plus Puerto Rico since I started using it.  It makes it easier for other flag counters to see my stats and gives me added insight into who’s visiting from where in the USA.

I’m not all that concerned with stats, (Dude. I just gave up 90% of my followers to start over here.) but I do think it’s fun to make these connections. How about you?


54 thoughts on “Do you think Greenland would visit if I told them my great grandparents were from Denmark?

  1. Links clicked on. Sadly some of them were blocked by my server. If I have time tonight I’ll check those out. Spent some time perusing the rest. Oh my! There are so many bands out there I’ve never even heard of. As a DJ I’m hanging my head in shame. As a writer I’m fascinated by how weird it is for the world to feel so small some days and enormous other days.

    Come on Greenland!


    • The music ones are seriously cool for exactly that reason, though. As a DJ you should not hang your head in shame, but jump up and down with glee at these new and unexpected treasures!

      The french site is all about astronomy and features some great pics. I’m debating if I should use Google translate. I’m in the process of extricating myself from the tentacles of Google, and using translate feels like a step back toward the all-consuming maw.


          • I need to post my pictures on my blog. The wordiness gets in the way of developing an international audience.
            Have you heard of the band Electrik Skychurch? (Band is a stretch – it’s two people). One person runs the keyboard, mixer, sound machines, etc.. and the other person sings – but she doesn’t use any words because to adhere to one language would cut out the rest of their potential fan base…
            I loved their music when I first heard it, thought they were these international superstars, and when I heard they were going to be in San Diego I bought tickets to go see them… in a bar … the only people there were my friends and I. Kind of sad. Kind of funny.


          • Oh, I forgot the quotes around “paying.” My bad.
            I got a cut of the door take for any of the people who showed up on my guest list… I usually made about $10 a night.
            I did get paid $100 once to play on a harbor cruise that my friend was hosting through one of his functions at UCSD. But, then he made me dj his wedding for free. So, those kind of cancel each other out.
            The most I ever made was about $500… for a warehouse party some friends and I threw. The venue was illegal. The alcohol we were selling was illegal. The thing was a bit sketchy. But, it was fun, and of the three events we threw together it made us the most money.


          • yeah…
            Matticus fail.
            Plus, server fail…which is probably why I failed in the first place. Added to my list of things to look at tonight, at home, on a computer that allows me to look at video links.


          • Hmmm….
            Killed? I don’t think so. The people who tend to show up for things I’d be dj’ing at aren’t really the violent type. They are too “happy,” and full of “love” for everyone and everything is beautiful… and oh, the pretty swirling colors…


          • An L instead of an M?
            Wait, that could be all kinds of confusing…
            So that was LSD and MDMA
            but, perhaps A and E or W (which could also be M)
            But M could also be Meth…
            What about H or C?
            Oh my…
            Lions and Tigers and Bears…


          • Funny. How’d I guess it was LSD… It was the letters clue. Definitely.
            And yes, E now, was X then, though I’ve been out of “the scene” for so long who knows what the kids these days are calling it.


          • Oh, PLUR! That sounds way better than “touchy feely lovey good”.

            The cool thing about LSD was that you could put it on mini Oreo cookies, and all you needed was sunglasses to hide your enlarged pupils. No pacifier required.

            Someday I’ll have to tell you how I got “busted” smoking weed in Central Park, and how I almost ended up in prison after being pulled over for a search on my way back to the States from Canada. Good times…


          • Those don’t sound like good times…
            But, when we swap stories I’ll have to tell you about the time I was *cough* selling *cough* and also under the influence and a friend saved me right before I sold in front of a cop. Oh! And the time I walked to the beach at 2AM and went body surfing while under the influence. Oh! And the time our car somehow (seriously inexplicably) was allowed to pass through a checkpoint we had not hope of getting through unscathed…


          • OMFSM! Then I can tell you about 4th of July on the beach, and the trip to Bronx Zoo, and approximately 30 Dead shows…

            We have a LOT to talk about.

            When I was *cough* selling I imagined myself as part of “the resistance” or some shit, like an underground network of conscientious objectors to an unjust law.

            In fairness to my younger self, the anti-drug laws in combination with three strikes combined to seriously fuck up the works.


          • Viva la resistance!! 😉
            I didn’t think about it like that, I just never put much stock in laws that make zero sense. If a high enough (pun not intended) percentage of the population is doing something, perhaps it is time to let go of the old rules. Plus, the revenue from taxation would solve a lot of problems. And, the decrease in prison costs and overcrowding would solve a lot of problems. I’m hopeful that things go well in WA and CO and that other states are paying attention.


          • We have medical marijuana here, not recreational. It’s a sorry shame it took so long for things to (barely begin to) change. We could also talk about how sentences for dealers were determined by the weight of the drug in question rather than the quantity and how the laws themselves decimated black communities while suburban white kids got away practically scot free… There was no “War on Drugs”. It was a war on so-called “minorities”.

            I’m gonna stop now before I get to really preaching.


          • HAHAHA!

            You know I only have morals because I live in a Christian society that’s managed to civilize me, right? Even with their loving influence I still get a hankering for roast babies, bestiality, and rape.


          • You. Are. Hilarious!!
            Yes, well, we all have those hankerings. Some of us are just too cowardly to admit it.
            Oh, and don’t forget murder. I want to kill everybody.


          • Society wants to pin a gold star on you for that accomplishment. “good job”
            And, I’m not sure how you managed it either… a herculean effort for sure.


          • Rolling, rolling, rolling…
            Wait… was that a drug reference, a pasta dough reference, or an homage to the fact that you keep rolling out the laughs…


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