Rainy days are the best days.

Mori and I had great fun yesterday. There was, as you know, quite a bit of Spongebob playing, and I was Pearl the whole time. (Morrigan usually wants me to be Patrick because I’m good at it, but doing the Patrick voice is kind of hard on my vocal chords after a while.)

Even though the pool is usually warm as bathwater by this time of year we decided to go swimming. Much to our delight it was lovely! Cool and refreshing as early June.  The Spongebob playing continued. After a while we climbed out of the “deep blue sea” to sit on lounge chairs in the shade of a pine tree. A curious bee landed on Morrigan’s foot. She was, in her words, “freaked out”, but she remained still while it crawled around her toes before finally flying away. I scooped her up and carried her back to the pool where no bee would follow. (I may have been slightly more freaked out than she was.)

Eventually we went back inside and washed ourselves clean of chlorine. We decided that since school is starting this week that Sunday afternoon would be a good time for her to update her blog going forward, so we spent some time on that. As we were finishing her post we heard a tremendous BOOM of thunder, peeked outside, and saw the rain, rain, rain coming down, down, down–if not exactly in rushing, rising rivulets, then at least in steady spreading splashes.

Everyone knows that rainy days are the best days in the desert, so then there was this:

Followed by this:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but this is a super big, bright, beautiful rainbow.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this is a super big, bright, beautiful rainbow.

All in all, it was a lovely day that Miss M was sore in need of after a brief but thoroughly unpleasant bout of sickness.

She spent today playing with her two best buds (both of whom were too afraid to come out yesterday after the big BOOM). Tomorrow we will go and buy school shoes, then she’ll have one last day of summer vacation with her friends. I’m just glad we had one really good rainy day–just the two of us–before summer unofficially ends.


15 thoughts on “Rainy days are the best days.

    • She was. Whenever it rains here she claps her hands and gets excited to go outside.

      Usually people come out and sit on the stairs and chairs and just watch the rain. It’s odd that it didn’t happen this time. Rain is a community event in my world. 🙂


  1. She looks like a great kid. I would like to meet her. I can do SpongeBob’s voice in that episode where they go up on dry land and he says, “Air is not good, Patrick, air is not good.” But that is really hard on the voice.


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