Summer vacation is almost over.

I’m reblogging this because:

1. I can.
2. I’m really proud of my kid. I have to do very little re-wording for her. She actually talks this way.
3. Spongebob.


World by Morrigan

Next week I am going to the first grade. I feel sad that vacation is almost over, but I think first grade will be good. It will be nice to see my friends. I miss the fun that we all had together at our school. I like my school, and I’m excited to meet my new teacher.

My dad is a musician. Today he is playing music, so my Mom and I are home alone. We have been playing Spongebob. I am a big Spongebob fan. My favorite episode is “Frankendoodle”. I like it when he says things that sound like Nimoyni  Nomi! (My brother, Henry, does it really well.)  Frankendoodle draws mad eyebrows on his own face and says a really funny thing: “Me Spongebob. You Doodle!” Then he chases Spongebob with the eraser.

frankendoodleI didn’t think Spongebob should slam him in the book, but I thought it…

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