I love my daughter, but…

… right about now I am counting the days until school starts again.


26 thoughts on “I love my daughter, but…

      • Oh? That soon? You’re almost there!! When I was in school we didn’t start until the end of August. Our first week sometimes was only 4 days, or the second week was, because of Labor Day at the beginning of September. Was a nice way to transition back into the routine.


          • Hahahahahaha
            Desert living. It’s freezing outside in the winter, and boiling in the summer… neither is ideal. In fact, I think AZ only really has, what, one month?, of good weather. April, I think. Right?
            I grew up in the desert, and never had a problem running wild outside in the summer. I had thicker skin then and would go barefoot on the blacktop, even on the days that hit 115.


          • Weather where I am is pretty nice from October/November through March/April. This year we actually had tolerable weather all the way up to June, believe it or not.

            There have been years when I froze my patootie off in the winter, but it’s been a while. We never turned the heat on once all last winter.


          • Wow!! That sounds pretty nice.
            Then again, I haven’t turned on the heater in over a year either. And, we don’t even have an air conditioner. Ah, those lovely evening shore breezes rolling in from the Pacific. Go ahead, be jealous. And, I’ll be jealous of your slightly more affordable housing. And we’ll call it a draw.


          • Well, truth is that after Henry graduates from high school, Tom and I will be free to move wherever we please. I’m not sure where that is yet, but I’m enjoying mulling over the possibilities.


          • Oh, the places you could go…
            The Queen and I have been mulling over places recently too… with CO always seeming to top the list. But, we may never leave… the beaches, the mountains, the weather… CA is hard to beat.


          • Ventura county. Sadly, too close to LA for comfort. But, I wouldn’t want to afford SF either. I enjoyed living in San Diego for 8 years, but, was ready to leave when the time came…
            What I do know, is that I will never live in the desert again.


          • No, I wouldn’t be able to afford living in the city proper. Oregon had its charms, but we really need to be somewhere with a thriving local music scene AND a good school system for Morrigan.

            Eh, who knows? We still have a couple of years to figure it out.


          • Yes, school. The Queen is already having nightmares (not joking, not exaggerating) about school for the Little Prince. We have some time to figure it out still, but our choices are all bleak.


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