A new blogger among us

Now everyone in the family is blogging, and the only one who doesn’t do it regularly is TOM.

Dammit, Tom.

Anyway, here is Morrigan’s blog. She was very much encouraged by everyone’s comments on her picture. Thank you for that. You guys are the best.

As for the blog, Morrigan tells me what she wants to say, and I type it in and edit. We talk about the edits, and why I’m making them. Morrigan approves them or makes alternate suggestions. I make the digital graphics and use it as an opportunity to introduce her to the software. We’ll also be scanning in some of her original art. I don’t know how often she will post, but this was her idea, and I want her to commit to at least one post per month.

Check it out if you like, but please don’t feel obligated to follow (you are welcome to if you really want to). If you know any young bloggers who might be interested, please send them along.

All My Love,
Jennifer (a very proud Mom)



21 thoughts on “A new blogger among us

  1. I’m kinda new to your blog, though I’ve seen you around… I’m intrigued because my daughter has toyed with the idea of doing a blog and she is a budding artist… Maybe if I tell her about your daughter (and I think Samara’s son and someone else’s kid also does a blog) she’ll want to try… that’s so cool that your daughter wants to do it!


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  3. You can tell Morrigan from me that she is utterly, utterly cool. I’ve just had a look at her fine blog, and it’s fantastic to see someone that age getting into this kind of thing. I will, however, refrain from following her blog or clicking “like” anywhere on it as I’d feel pretty awful if she clicked on me and saw any of what’s on my site. Cool six year olds like her should never have to know about that kind of stuff when the wonderment of life has not yet waned for them. 🙂


    • HA! She’s still supervised online. If she really wanted to see something on your site, I would choose something for her. She has seen your picture in the notifications timeline (and read your name all by herself.) As I recall she said something like, “Wow! That’s a lot of Tonies. It’s all Tonies! Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony…)

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        • You did. I can’t remember the titles offhand of the ones I’ve shown her thus far. I know one was Mossy Cat, Messy Cat. I also showed her the one where everyone is exploring the lighthouse and they find the unicorn. (Speaking of, that glitter ball is *amazing*. Like I said before, you got skills, yo.) Now I’m showing her The Deaf Penalty, Orange Blossom Special, Fun with Hearing Aids, and Purrsistence.

          She came to sit by me while I looked through the archive. I explained to her that I need to find the ones that are ok for kids, that some of your strips are for big people.

          “They have blood in them?”
          “Some of them. Yes.”

          And off she went to play with her dollhouse until I was ready. See? Easy Peasy. 🙂

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