PSA: Yes. I AM being passive-agressive.

A few facts:

Atheism is not a religion, whatever college may have taught you.

Atheists don’t hate god. We also don’t hate the tooth fairy. Go figure.

One does not require “faith” to be an atheist. Atheism is, no more and no less, the lack of belief in a god or gods.


My atheism is not something that defines me. There is so much more to me than that.


It’s all well and good to declare that everyone should just shut up and believe what they want. I just find it amusing that in the next breath you pass judgement on them all.

You’ve already decided for us who and what we are and that the only good seat in the house is up on the fence. How about taking your own advice and shutting up about it now?


3 thoughts on “PSA: Yes. I AM being passive-agressive.

  1. Can I add, that I am not “offended” by anyone else’s religion and support a person’s right to practice their beliefs freely? It’s when you tell me that I am wrong, without me asking for your input, or that you keep others from practicing their faith that it starts to bother me a little.

    There is only one sure way to find out who is “right” on this, and I don’t plan on going that route anytime soon.


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