Ding dong. Bang! Bang! Bang!

She’s been running back and forth between here and her friend’s house. Every time she heads back over here she either knocks on the door or rings the bell. This happens roughly every three minutes or so.

Mom: (answering the door for, like, the kajillionth time) You do know you live here, right?
Morrigan: (sounding exasperated at my silliness) Yes! Of course I do!
Mom: Good! Now, you do know that since you live here you don’t actually have to knock or ring the bell. You can just open the door and walk right in. ‘Cause you live here. Right?
Morrigan: (still amazed at my general stupidity) Yes! It’s just that that’s the way I want to do it.
Mom: (pause) No. No, you really don’t. Because jumping up to answer the door every three minutes is slowly pushing me over the edge into Crazy Town.
Morrigan: Oh! Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m home now.
Mom: It does matter. No more knocking on the door and/or ringing the bell. Understand?
Morrigan: Yeeessss.
Mom: Good.

Seriously. What the hell? I’m trying to read Cheryl Moore’s blog, damn it.


Is it possible that none of you knows about Cheryl Moore?

It runs in the family 12/2014


Well, Ok. Go forth. Read Cheryl’s blog, and sin no more.

You’re welcome.


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