Fatigue and its nasty little friend, Guilt.

“Mom, don’t you want to come play with me?”

Her despondence cut through the fog, and I opened my eyes.

That’s right. She asked me to go into her room with her to play with her stuffed animals. How long ago was that, and why am I still flat on the couch?

I wish my fibro only affected me, but it doesn’t, and THAT’s why I hate it so.


13 thoughts on “Fatigue and its nasty little friend, Guilt.

  1. I must admit I’d never heard about fibro until I started reading merbear’s blog. I can sympathise but I can’t even imagine what it must be like living with it.


    • Truthfully, things have been better since I’ve been taking the Cymbalta. But flares will still happen. If they happen less frequently and I have less pain in between, then I am grateful.

      As for Mer, I send positive vibes her way every single day. I keep hoping that the right doc will find the right treatment to give her at least a modicum of relief. Being pain-free, even for a short while, is an amazing, wonderful thing, and I want her to have that.


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