Yesterday: 8 visits. 168 views.

12 thoughts on “Yesterday: 8 visits. 168 views.

    • I hear you. It was just weird to get that “Your stats are booming!” message out of nowhere.

      Also, apparently getting 1337 likes is newsworthy. I didn’t realize that 1337 sp34k was still a thing…


  1. That is weird. I don’t pay attention to the stats anymore because my little mathematically-challenged pea brain can’t figure them out. Either their calculations are messed up or you have a stalker. 🙂 congratulations?


  2. 1337 sp34k is osum!!
    Anywho… I had a day like awhile ago. It ended up being a cousin who had finally got around to starting to read my blog, and then ended up liking the first couple articles so much she read the whole thing from start to finish. Boom. 1 visitor and 360 views.
    Though, a stalker would be more interesting.
    I’m not taking credit for it… this time.


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