I am a deviant among deviants. Go, me.

heh. heh heh.

The LoversThis was inspired by a deviantART challenge. Part of the requirements were to make a Tarot card that featured “steampunk”elements, and I am stupid like that. I would have liked to submit, too, just to see if anyone shares my amusement at taking things WAY too literally. The image of Sid and Nancy that I used, however, is copyrighted by Steve Emberton, sooo… yeah. I shouldn’t even really be posting it here.

The image I actually submitted used only public domain and self-created stock. You can see it here if you like. (Poor Nikola.)

I’ve joined a few groups there on deviantART, and the thing I find myself wondering is: where are all the deviants? I mean, the people over there are scary talented, and it would be easy to let oneself get intimidated and run away. Instead I’ve discovered that I like my own work. It’s not like anything anyone else is doing, and I like it that way just fine.


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