Ramble On

Regular sleep is a beautiful thing. For a long while there I was barely sleeping at all. These past several days I’m getting enough sleep; it just doesn’t always happen when it’s supposed to. That’s ok. It’s getting there, and I’m good with that.

Last night I woke up around midnight, and I’ve been putzing around since. It’s been nice, actually–a quiet time to think quiet thoughts.

This past weekend was busier and more interesting than I’d thought it would be. There was time to spend with good friends and rambunctious children. Time to do some sleuthing and writing. Time to make new art. I didn’t get in touch with a couple of folks I said I’d get in touch with. I’ll remedy that either today or tomorrow.

My son called from Washington last Saturday. He’s feeling rich, what with the small stack of paychecks he’s earned this summer. (And he really did EARN those checks. I’m so proud of him!) He’s thinking about buying a new computer and wanted some advice from his ol’ Mum.

heh. I admit it: it makes me feel proud that my 15 year old boy asks for my advice about computers, discusses video games with me, and still wants to go see the latest sci-fi movie adaptation with me.  I love our relationship, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Morrigan was so happy to talk to her brother. Their conversation was sweet and lovely and made me so happy.

I used to worry about those two. They’re almost 10 years apart. (9 years, 6 months, and 1 week–to be precise.) As much as I wanted them to have a close brother-sister relationship, I had to admit that the odds were somewhat stacked against them.

Odds Schmodds.

M: I made up a new game. It’s called Pet Shop! But there is something missing: You.
H: Aw. I miss you, too, Morrigan. I miss you lots. I promise: When I get home I’ll sit and play with you, and you can show me how to play Pet Shop. Ok?M: Ok. And I won’t even try to make you crazy when you come. I’ll just play with you.

I know, I know. I’ve got a toothache, too. And the reality is that the boy won’t be home more than 20 minutes before they are antagonizing each other and making me wonder if I shouldn’t relegate them each to separate corners. But… they really do miss each other. I think that’s cool.

There were other things I was going to talk about, but I think I’m content to leave it here for now. The rest can wait.


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