Evree thing is osum

All day long Morrigan has been walking around, either singing Everything is Awesome loudly and off-key or telling anyone who will listen that everything is a bunch of Hippie Dippy Baloney.

That’s my kid alright.

Now she’s playing Minecraft on the tablet and making signs:

The first one says, “Evree thing is osum”.

The second one says, “The Lagoe Move Coming Toomoroe”. According to Morrigan, that’s when it comes out in the Minecraft World. She’s telling her Dad about it right now. The sign is next to a portal that “leads you to the place with the Lego people from The Lego Movie, and they are now officially real! It is an awesome place!”


2 thoughts on “Evree thing is osum

  1. Damn! Julian is doing the exact same thing!!! I am playing it for him so I guess I can’t say anything about..,I want to learn the rap that goes with it 🙂 and tonight he said…”dad you know what you are? A hippy dippy bologna!” I just said ” yes…yes I am!” The song is putting me in some kind of happy state that is now to the point of delirium…maybe this is what taking ecstasy is like? I don’t know but for all the negative brainwashing bs filling our lives, I’ll take it…because it makes me want to sing and feel connected to a higher power where everything is awesome…life, death, birth, space, fingers and toes, dark and light…. All some things fill with awe.

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    • PAUL!

      Duuude. I knew you read my blog and all, but seeing you here today has put such a great, big smile on my face. 😀

      Julian’s right. You are a hippy dippy bologna, and we love you for it. Thanks *so* much for stopping by and starting my day today. You, sir, truly are OSUM. (I’m spelling it that way FOREVER.)

      Please give everyone big hugs from all of us! (especially Julian, the little smartie)


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