History (and other such fictions) – Author’s Note

Becoming Seanachaidh

As I continue to relate the History it becomes apparent to me that I have misidentified the characters. The misunderstanding and fault is wholly mine and should not reflect poorly on the story being told. The following faithful corrections have been made; others will follow:

  • The Wife/Mother who has been called Virginia is, for the nonce, being called Lil or Lily. It is possible that that this person’s name will undergo a name change as her story progresses.
  • The first child (a Daughter), previously called Molly, is Macha.
  • The second child (a Daughter), not yet named in the story, is Arden.
  • The third child (a Son) is Gael.

These names have greater significance than previously understood and function on multiple planes of revelation for those with eyes to see.

The Father’s name will undoubtedly change; it is unclear whether the paternal Grandmother will or no. In addition to name changes, the Scenes as currently presented may undergo revision.

For the time being, at least, I will not be posting any additional material on this site. I will make the whole of the Work available in its most complete and perfected form once this has been achieved.



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