History (and other such fictions) – Act III, Scene II

crystal rose crown

The Interloper

“Now, Princess,” Daddy said, “you know that Mommy still loves you. It’s just that babies need a lot of time and attention.”

She sniffled and rubbed a pudgy fist against her snotty nose. She did feel better now that Daddy was here with his arms around her, but she’d changed her mind about this whole baby sister business. She didn’t want him to reason with her. She wanted him to agree.

“But, Daddy! That baby is too noisy! She cries all the time, and she hurts my ears!” She pulled back and gave him her most earnest look. “We should make it go away. You didn’t want two little girls, anyway; did you, Daddy?”

The momentary look of surprise and guilt that flashed across his face was satisfying, but then he ruined it.

“Macha, you know that’s not true. Now I have two princesses instead of one! But you’ll always be my first princess.”

She was quiet then. He took it for acquiescence.

“Now no more worrying about this, understand? Besides, there’s something Mommy and I have been wanting to tell you.”

She looked at him suspiciously. “What?”

“There’s going to be another baby! Isn’t that wonderful? Now you’ll have two playmates instead of just one!”

She burst into fresh tears and howled in fury and pain.



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