History (and other such fictions) – Act III, Scene I


The Five Year Princess

She was plump with impossibly curly hair. She doesn’t remember a time when her mother didn’t bemoan the task of having to comb through it. She was already wearing glasses to fix her “lazy” eye, but, other than that, she was perfect in every way. Still, it was lonely being an only child. What she wanted more than anything else in the whole world was a baby sister to play with, and she expressed this wish often.

Today was a special day. Mommy and Daddy were taking her to Grandma’s house. Everyone was dressed up. She liked it when her parents dressed up. They were so beautiful! Her Daddy was so tall and fine, and Mommy was the prettiest lady ever. She wanted to be as pretty as Mommy one day.

When they got to Grandma’s house, she knew she would get not just ONE cookie like at home. Grandma always gave her two: “One for each hand!” The thought made her smile as the hum of the motor sang her to sleep.


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