Cymbalta, you bass turd!

I actually tried to find an image of a bass pooping for this post. The results turned out to be far more disgusting than I had anticipated. So, here’s a cat instead.

I apologize. That was entirely uncalled for.

I apologize. That was entirely uncalled for.

You know it’s bad when you start your post with a digression…

Ok, so if you’ve been keeping up with me you know that I was recently switched from Celexa to Cymbalta. Now, Celexa was killing me with the fatiguewhich is kind of funny in a way— so I took it before bed in hopes of keeping my need for naps to a minimum. It didn’t work, exactly, but I tried.

I took my last dose of Celexa two days ago. I am now strictly on Cymbalta. I’ve been taking it before bedtime…

I think this might be a problem. I was up most of the night last night. I think I got three hours sleep. Maybe. Something like that, anyway. Then I spent the whole day working on another blog. You know the one: the awesome dinosaur-themed one that you should be visiting instead of reading this crap.

Go on. Apparently I can (and will) wait all night.

It is, at this very moment, 2:45 AM. By all rights I should be passed out, snoring fit to wake the dead in three counties. For the record, I have never even walked in my sleep, let alone posted in that condition. If this is true, then I must be awake. Ipso facto, quid pro quo; Veni. Vidi. Vicky.

Right. So. I realize that I might possibly have to start taking the Cymbalta in the morning because this is ridiculous, yo. I think the squirrels are being held onto their hamster wheels by centrifugal force at this point. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you clearly have not kept up.) I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS RIGHT NOW.

I am not just The Just Right Webmaster. I am the Accidental Chess Master of Blogging. Seriously.

I am doing a special feature on that other blog on Mondays that I’m keeping a secret for now (although some of you are in on it). It’s going to be tied to a theme. Let me just tell you: Not only do I know what the themes for the next two weeks are going to be (if I can convince the others of the brilliance of my plan, which I can, of course, since I am sleep deprived and invincible at the moment), I know what I posting in relation to those themes. I mean, as soon as I finish this rambling monstrosity I can write both posts and schedule them tonight this morning. AND: the second post will totally tie in with the first. Oh, yeah.

Do you know what WILL happen after that? Sheisse will start getting layered, man. It’s already started. See, the reason I know what the next two themes are is that I posted something previously that made something else click in my mind and that spurred the idea for the next theme. It will not stop. It will snowball and snowball. A month from now I’ll make an accidental connection to something I did last week, and if you’re paying attention you will almost swear I planned it.

All I’m gonna say is this: I didn’t.


10 thoughts on “Cymbalta, you bass turd!

  1. Why you haven’t passed out yet is beyond me, but it works out for us…

    No, kidding on that one. Get some good rest. You accomplished amazing things in the last 24 hours (and more)

    I was told cymbalta is in fact a “morning” med.


  2. Me and anti-depressants don’t play well together, but I know all about the inability to sleep. I had kind of hoped that since my “holy fucking shit, why in gawd’s name did I schedule all of these rotten things for one damn month” time is over I’d drop like a rock last night. Not so much. 😦


  3. I don’t have experience with Cymbalta, but I do have experience with the crazy snowballing thoughts that just. don’t. stop… And I look forward to what becomes of yours!
    Really though, get some rest.


  4. Woman, you have indeed done incredible feats in the last two days. I’m so pleased to know you. 🙂
    Cymbalta is most definitely an am rx. Helps me. But try napping later.


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