Home Sweet Home

It’s good to be back home in Bleached Bone Valley for a little while.

I paid a slew of bills today and bought some supplies for a business venture I’m hoping will become a steady source of income soon. (Fingers crossed!) I was *so* happy because by the time I was done I had $32 left. Then, I talked to Tom and discovered that the $32 is also spent.


This chick has the best face since Lucille Ball.

This chick has the best face since Lucille Ball.

Oh, well. With any luck I can begin replenishing my wallet soon. (PLEASE let it be soon…)


17 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

          • Yeah, I am the eternal optimist. (Glass is empty, drank the water since I got tired of the debate lol.)
            Finances are a bit tight these days and I seem to find the amount I need in the oddest places…but I recently moved and have been going through boxes, purses, papers that have not been touched in years. The joy of being disorganized in my personal life.


          • Finding a bill, even if it’s just $5, in an old coat or purse is one of the great joys of life.

            Also, I can’t remember who said this, but: “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. Either way there clearly isn’t enough alcohol in my glass.”

            I don’t much drink, but that is too awesome of a quote to let it go to waste.


  1. Feeling your pain, sister. I damn near wet myself when I got my tuition refund check in the mail yesterday. That sucker means the difference between being able to feed the cats or having to eat them. 😉


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