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::deep breath::

In spite of my world exploding (that’s what I get for using Leia as my gravatar), I managed to finish a draft image for Tipsy Lit AND recreate (TWICE) a piece I made for deviantART. Here’s a (much) smaller version, just ’cause I love you:

Move Along

I am less than happy with it. No. That’s not true. I think it’s utter CRAP.

The original piece was much better. I can still revise it, but I need to walk away from it at this point. I still have work to finish for TL, AND I have two more pieces in mind for this series, AND I need to get some writing done on the book. I have more than enough to be getting on with. To that end, I am hoping that my new meds will prove helpful.

Oh. I haven’t been able to get online, so I haven’t told you about that, have I? WELL. After the intake I went for a psychiatric evaluation to see what, if anything, could be done about my meds. My official diagnosis at this time is Depressive Disorder NOS. NOS is (what you don’t know???) “Not Otherwise Specified”. (Actually, I had to ask, too. They tell you as if you should know, and I’m like: “Hello! I don’t have a copy of the DSM-IV on MY bookshelf!) This means that my “depressive disorder… does not meet the criteria for a specific disorder.”   Ummm… Oh Kay! What THAT means is that I am not being diagnosed with any other disorder (like bipolar) at this time.

The doc thought that I would do better with something that might A) help control my pain (What a concept!) and B) provide a boost to my energy and motivation (YOU may not think I need it, but believe you me… I do.) So, it’s “Goodbye, Celexa; Hello, Cymbalta.”

I started weaning off of Celexa yesterday. In five more days I’ll be done with it completely. I took my first dose of Cymbalta this morning. I am cautiously optimistic.

Tomorrow (er… later today) I go to my first group therapy session. The focus is “mindfulness”. A friend I had not seen in some time contacted me about it. Turns out he’s started working in the field, and he had a couple of books to share with me. He was also kind enough to sit with me for a couple of hours and listen to me ramble. I’m not sure if I expressed it fully, but it’s things like that that make me think life isn’t really so bad, that maybe making art and writing about witches and shape shifters and catching up with old friends are activities far more preferable than jay walking in front of buses.

Oh –before I forget– we have medical marijuana here in Arizona. I was thinking I might open a dispensary especially for glaucoma patients. I could use natural dyes to make the various strains brightly colored and therefore easier for glaucoma patients to identify at a glance. I’m going to call it “Eye Dye Grass”.

All right. That was entirely uncalled for. My only excuse is that I have been denied the pleasure of your company these past few days, and I’ve been wanting to tell that joke for what seems like AGES. Just pretend that you liked it, Ok? What I don’t know won’t hurt me.

Good night, everyone.

All My Love,



34 thoughts on “We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

  1. I once smoked pot that was called blueberry something or other. The buds were kind of round like berries and had a slight blue tinge. I don’t remember if the taste was any different, but I do remember that you really only need a little and I smoked a LOT.

    Good times…


  2. I was wondering if you were OK. Welcome back, the line about Leia made me literally LOL.

    Cymbalta helped me for a very long time, hopefully you get some relief and the transition goes smoothly.


    • Poor Leia. “Ooooh. So that’s your home world down there, huh? Tell me what you know or I’ll blow it up.”

      “You wouldn’t dare!”

      “Really? WATCH ME.”


      So far so good on the Cymbalta. I do feel less pain and more energy, BUT Celexa had that effect on me the first week I took it. Then shit got all weird on me, hence my cautious optimism.

      Thanks for the well wishes, sweets.


    • I have a beautiful bag of purple with red hairs just for you!

      Well, no. Not really. It’s been a looooong time since I had anything like THAT in my house. Back in the day, though…

      I had me some good times back in the day. 😉


      • ahaha! I only tried it a couple of times a couple years back. I wanted to see if it would be a better option for my epilepsy then prescription meds. Long story short things went wrong because of the dimwit that got it for me.


        • You live in Canada. Getting the good stuff should be sort of easy…

          “Dimwit”… you are being too nice. I think you meant to say “dipshit”.


          • ahaha! It’s legal where I am but…you have to go through a whole gov. process and get a docs signature. (which is the hard part) If you can’t, there is a doc you can pay for the low low price of $400. Then the eye dye itself is about $300//month.

            Add in that the gov. here now see’s $$$ and will be taking over the sales and shutting down all the compassion clubs. Sigh


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