For Rara, because Paul says it’s all about compassion.

Earlier I told you about my friend who came by and brought me some books and listened to me ramble. His name is Paul, and he is an awesome guy. One of the things he and I discussed was compassion.

I’ve never been in jail. I’ve never been wrongly accused in any sort of big picture kind of way. I’ve been desperate, though, and I’ve been hopeless. I’ve wondered where the help I so desperately needed was going to come from. I’ve been scared, and I’ve felt like my world was ending. I’ve worried for my loved ones.

Like many of you I am thinking of Rarasaur tonight. Even if I have not known her as long or as well as many of you, I have an overwhelming sense of compassion for her. I wished I could do more to help. I decided that maybe I can play a very small part. I could at least try. So, I made a special piece, and I was thinking that I could make that into a badge.

Anyone who donates or sends a card or makes a phone call or a visit, anyone who sends well-wishes, positive energy, happy thoughts, or says a prayer can come and get the badge and display it. I think Rara would like it.

What do you think?

For Rara


32 thoughts on “For Rara, because Paul says it’s all about compassion.

    • Thanks, Mark. I hope it helps. I hope it keeps Rara and Dave and the kitties at the forefront of people’s minds, and I hope that in doing so Rara will have one less thing to worry over.


      • I am a latecomer to the scene, and my anger at the system’s mistreatment of her case is very fresh and real. But, yes, the worry for Rara and Dave, I can’t imagine. You are doing a great thing.


          • I have contributed to one crowdfunding campaign for a dear blog friend of mine, and I know others in the circle did, too.

            From the outpouring I’ve read for Rara, I’d think anybody who could afford to contribute cash would contribute cash toward her attorney.


    I’m working on some sort of crowdfunding idea to get her a decent defence lawyer. She may be guilty, we have to accept that. But a more decent, compassionate, humane persod I have yet to meet.
    Maybe she is guilty. I’ll repeat, she may be. But….People don’t always go to jail for killing people. Money is clearly more important than a life, even if we assume she is guilty. She’d have a shorter sentence for manslaughter in the UK.


  2. Love the badge! I was shocked to read her post the other day and she’s been in my prayers. I can certainly relate to her ‘giving up’ because it’s easier to move on when the fight is over. We faced a similar thing. Doesn’t seem fair when rightness doesn’t prevail.


    • I can understand her feelings of just wanting to stop the fight and get on with it, too. I wonder, though, if she realizes just exactly how much support is out there for her. Take a look at Duncan’s comment and chime in if you have any thoughts and/or insights. And, thanks, Janna. You rock me like a hurricane.


  3. FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Rara may have given up. WE CANNOT!Shes is beaten down, in the slammer, keep quiet, keep your head down. WE HAVE TO HELP HERE EVEN IF SHE IS GUILTY! We have ti help an utterly charming, very human person


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