Holy Crapoli, I am tired.

It was after 1:00 in the morning, and I was still awake.

It was ridiculous, yo.

I was *so* tired. I went to bed at a reasonable hour. But then Morrigan had a bad dream, so I went in to lie down with her. This is always a dangerous proposition because no matter how big the bed is, the girl will find a way to take up every square inch of it. You are then left with two choices: get pushed onto the floor OR smother. I, however, am almost as stubborn as she is, so I fight back.

Oh, yeah. Do you honestly think I’m above giving a five year old (almost six now. Jeepers!) a poke in the ribs? Hello? Who do you think you’re talking to?

Morrigan was the least of my problems, though. The real sleep-stealing culprit was the stupid Hello Kitty AM/FM Projection Clock Radio that sits on her bedside table (forgive me, Sheena). Morrigan loves this clock because a small image of Hello Kitty is projected along with the time:


Cute, right? WRONG. The colon between the hour and minutes flashes ON and OFF, ON and OFF. In a dark room after midnight this is highly distracting. Even when I closed my eyes I knew those dots were blinking away at me like a pair of evil eyes. I rolled over at one point and pushed myself up on one elbow so I could punch the pillow once or twice and ended up getting LASERED IN THE FARAGIN EYES by that damned clock.


Aside from the big shadowy spot that still seems to be hovering a few inches in front of my nose, I don’t seem to have incurred any lasting damage. And I can still type if I turn my head and look at the keyboard sideways. That’s all I really need, anyway.


16 thoughts on “Holy Crapoli, I am tired.

  1. Perhaps this is Kitty’s revenge for being portrayed as a creepy, zombie like creature recently?

    Yeah, I think I would draw the line at that. Thank goodness my son never had a HK clock in his room 🙂


  2. Haha… I have a projector clock in my bedroom (not HK, though 🙂 ) and know exactly about the laser in the eyes… I’d like to say it’s only happened once and I learned my lesson…


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