Hi! My name is Jennifer Nalley…

and I’m your new Tipsy Lit Ambassador. It’s nice to meet you! πŸ™‚


I owe an especially big THANK YOU to Zoe, Mental Mama, djmatticus, Rachael K, and Trent Lewin. You guys are the best, and I raise my glass to you. Cheers!



15 thoughts on “Hi! My name is Jennifer Nalley…

  1. Jennifer, congratulations! Such a great position with such a great organization. Nothing but respect for Tipsy Lit. Say hi to that Duncan Swallow chap, he’s bent in all the right places.

    All right, I’m still calling you G, I think, cause that’s how I first knew you.


  2. Excitingness! I’ll be emailing you tomorrow, but my brain is mush. I need sleep (and caffeine…mostly caffeine) to remold it again. By the way, I love your blog. It’s unique. Unique makes me tick.


    • I’m having a bit of a caffeine fix myself. πŸ™‚

      You’ll have the bio when you are nice and rested in the morning. And, yes: “unique” is one of the nicer things I’ve been called. It’s not as good as “bugnuts”, but I’m not complaining. πŸ˜€

      Sleep well, Ericka, and thank you again. I am a very happy Gringa tonight.


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