All right, everyone. Gather round… This will only take a minute.

Tipsy Lit Copyright © 2014

Tipsy Lit Copyright © 2014

So, you may have heard that Tipsy Lit is looking to hire a “Tipsy Ambassador”.  Here is the job description:

  • You read through the comments of the posts we publish and leave polite, helpful and tipsylicious replies to our commenters!
  • You visit the blogs of our readers and leave a “tipsy hello,” letting them know we’re visiting and be sure to leave an insightful, well thought out comment on their post!
  • You search through NEW blogs, letting bloggers know we’re around, but always taking the time to read through their posts and again, don’t forget to leave respectful, well thought out comments on their posts!
  • You have a snazzy Gravatar with a great pic and use the “info” portion to talk about how much you love working for Tipsy – don’t forget to link to!

So I am spending the day updating my gravatar, about pages, etc. I’m putting together an AZ Gringa FB page. I’m setting up new accounts all over the place just so I can follow Tipsy Lit. Dudes: I really want this job. And I’m hoping you can help.

What I would *really* like to do is have everyone –each and every one of you– head over to Tipsy Lit and leave a comment. Say whatever you want: Talk about the weather or the book of the month (Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. If you haven’t read it yet, you really should. It’s one of my favorites. I mean, c’mon. It’s Neil Gaiman AND Terry Pratchett writing about an angel, a demon, the antichrist, and the world’s most lovable hell hound. What more do you want?) Whatever you say, though, please take a moment to let Ericka know that AZ Gringa sent you.

If you’re willing to reblog or tweet or whatever you do to get even more people over there? Well, I wish I could promise you the moon and stars, but all I really have to give right now is my undying gratitude.

So, what do you say, people? Will you help a Gringa out?


57 thoughts on “All right, everyone. Gather round… This will only take a minute.

  1. You had me at Neil Gaiman…. Everything else about the post went mushy after that….. Met him at a booking signing once. May have been one of the most amazing moments into life.


  2. Wow! I feel like I’m living under a rock since our paths haven’t crossed yet, but we seem to know many of the same people! This was awesome. So glad you’ll be joining us at Tipsy! You clearly rock and have excellent taste. 🙂


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