I can’t believe you believe that… or that you don’t believe that other thing… that is sort of hard to believe too…

This is a great rant brought to you by the inimitable Arthur Browne, artist, author, and Master of Mayhem.

Pouring My Art Out

Let’s talk about beliefs… and whatever the opposite of believing is… because believing… or not believing in things… seems to be central to the core of what makes us human.

This is not a post about religion… except that it sort of is, because religions seem to expect us to believe certain things, while simultaneously exhorting us not to believe in other things, and I find it all just a bit confusing.

Many people who believe in the bible also believe that the earth is only about six thousand years old. It doesn’t say that in the bible. This came about because in the 14th or 15th century, some monk looked at the bible, found a part where there was an historical event that could be accurately set to a real date… I believe it was the death of Nebuchadnezzar in ancient Babylon… and then, he went through the genealogy section of the bible and…

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