An afternoon in the mind of the Gringa (Mind the Gaps)

I should really get a load of laundry in…

Oh, shit. How long have these towels been in here? Better re-wash them. Better add some white vinegar, too.

Where the hell is my white vinegar? Did we use it all up when we colored eggs? I should have told T to pick some up at the store.

It’s a good thing T’s not here right now, because I totally want to punch him IN THE FACE. I think I’m going to post about that. A little venting might help.

Oh, wow. The related posts are actually pretty…related. I think I’ll read this one again.

What the…? There’s a comment here that’s three weeks old. I never saw this comment. Why didn’t I see this comment? Oh, man. I never responded. I either look like a rude beotch or a stupid one. *sigh*

Oh, shit. I forgot to publish Spam and Eggs this morning. I got so caught up in editing my gargleblaster that I forgot to schedule it. Oh, well. It’s too late in the day now. I’ll schedule it for the morning. But first, I should check and see if anyone has translated the binary yet…

Nope. Or if they did, they either missed the joke or didn’t comment on it. This is in no way intended as a hint that somebody really ought to go to my Welcome page (there’s a link at the top), copy the binary, enter it into a binary translator, then go back and look at the picture beneath the binary so I can have a good laugh at my own joke.

I also did not link the last picture on the Welcome page so that clicking it will take the clicker to a binary translator. I would not do such a weird, off the wall kind of thing.

Why on earth am I just NOW getting a welcome email from tumblr? There must either be some rude beotches or stupid ones over there.

Oh, crap. Morrigan needs to take in some little prizes for the school’s upcoming “Family Fun” night. I’ll go to the store after T comes home from the store.

Did I remember to take my pills last night? ::ponders:: Yes. I did. I definitely did.

I’d better count them.

Ok, so it looks like I did take them, but why are there so many more Zantac than Celexa?

Oh, that’s right. He prescribed the Zantac separately from the Celexa. Ok. Right. That makes sense.

My favorite Black Adder episode is the one with the guy who’s writing the dictionary.

Ooooh. I have to write Condo-land. I do not want to forget that.

I really do want to hang up photocopies of a cat picture. It would be like a free art installation. Sort of.

Well, I think it’s funny, anyway. I should tell everyone about the art show and the tampon.


Well, maybe. The letter I sent myself the following April Fool’s Day was downright inspired.

I should probably put a load of laundry in…


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