I won something?

I did! I won something!


A big THANK YOU to the folks at yeahwrite. It was THEIR birthday (the big THREE) and to celebrate they gave away presents! And the winners are…

Congratulations, everyone!


15 thoughts on “I won something?

    • Listen here, Mig, I don’t know you, but there are a couple of things YOU should know:

      A. Congreights is not a word. It’s not even close. And how is this even a shortcut? You replaced TWO LETTERS with ONE NUMBER. Fukin’ brilliant. It’s almost as brilliant as shortening “My mistake” by one syllable and saying “My bad.” STOP IT.

      B. I turned off the function that made comments go into moderation until I had approved at least one comment from any particular user. I did that because of these writing challenges I do. If I had not turned that functionality off there is no WAY your comment would have gotten through. Really, you might want to consider taking that dirty, dirty word out of your user name. Fuk. Relie.


        • Well, I have a choice:

          I can either have a premium wordpress blog OR a premium theme from woothemes. So here’s the breakdown:

          IF I choose a wordpress premium blog, I get 10 GB storage, custom domain, and ability to embed videos for one year.

          IF I choose a woothemes theme, which are awesome, I can only use it if I have a wordpress.org site… in other words, I have to be hosting my own site.

          Since I’m obviously not hosting my own site, I would have to choose the premium blog, and, honestly, I just don’t know what I would do with it. The free blog seems to cover all my needs.

          I know. I am probably being stupid.


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