The apple does not fall far from the tree.

My daughter is fond of Hello Kitty. She is also fond of painting and drawing, so I (in what nearly went down in history as a moment of extraordinary stupidity) bought her a 288 page Hello Kitty Coloring & Activity Book. It sat in a drawer along with every other coloring book anyone ever gave her–until today.

Today Morrigan pulled out the Hello Kitty coloring book and started having fun with it. She has been going through it and selecting pages for improvement. She improves them by adding large circles around HK’s dotted eyes (heh) and round black circles or frowning lines, etc where her nonexistent mouth should be. In one picture, HK is skipping down a path while dragon flies and bees fly about.

According to Morrigan, HK is terrified of the bugs, and in addition to the round O of her mouth and the huge circles around what have become her pupils, she has added lines to indicate HK’s violent shaking.

I’m so proud I could cry.


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