The last (but certainly not least) “What’s My Tune?” for this week goes out to a man who’s all right side of the brain and has half a mind to keep it dirty. His world is populated with crack squirrels and beautiful girls (his two lovely daughters, you sickos). He’s a 21st century renaissance man and all around groovy guy.

I could have gone with a Grateful Dead song here, but we can’t be THAT obvious. Besides, what better way to honor a man who wrote a book about monkeys than with a song about electrical bananas? (ooo000ooo).

Arthur Browne, this one’s for you.

That’s it, folks! Going forward there will be one “What’s My Tune?” per week; it’ll be a Friday thing. Have a great weekend!


What’s My Tune? #4

8 thoughts on “What’s My Tune? #4

  1. That is a lovely choice of song, and a very nice honor to have bestowed upon me, my lady… uh… I might be watching too much Gam Of Thrones… I am starting to talk like them… thank you… love it…


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